Anyone using the 10.5 ipad pro yet?


I’ve been debating between an ipad pro and a surface device ever since I found the shaper3d app. Really love what is being done here. I primarily have wanted a device that can be used pen only so that i can work on projects in my downtime at work. Surface doesn’t really accomplish this well and seems that you need a keyboard to really make any of the cad programs I use work well.

So now I’m just trying to decide between the 10.5 and 12.9 versions of the new Ipad pro and would be interested to hear anyones opinions that has experience with either or both. Thanks!


I have used both the 9.7 Pro and 12.9 Pro first revisions. I found that both performed equally well but the screen real-estate of the 12.9 was much more desirable. I recently sold my 12.9 and purchased the new 12.9 due to the hardware changes and performance increase.

I can’t speak to the 10.5 since I have not used it but my primary purpose of the iPad Pro is Shapr3D and the extra real-estate is worth it in my opinion.


I’m using Shapr3D on the new 10.5 inch iPad Pro and Apple pencil. Seems to work very nicely.


I’m using the iPad pro 10.5 I can assure you it was the best decision that I could have done. I have the iPad pro 9.7 and I was using shapr3d, it isn’t the best choice all due to the ram. So I decided to upgrade to the iPad pro 10.5, and trust me with 4 of RAM it works perfectly. If you going to carry around the iPad wherever you go the 10.5 seems like the best idea ( but that’s me).


Cool that is good to hear. I definitely agree with u/roboticshobbyist that bigger is better as far as working I just want to be fairly portable and light weight. So if I can get by comfortably with the 10.5 that is what I lean towards but is still going to be a tough decision. Will make my final decision soon when I can see the devices in person but really appreciate everyone’s feedback so far.

I mostly use fusion 360 right now for modeling work because I really like the cam module that is built in to it. That’s really the only big draw of a windows device at the moment.

Anybody else use fusion 360? Wonder if I could set up a remote connection and run my cam work that way through the ipad.

Really curious about what the big announcement is going to be or when.


I just picked up the 10.5 after deciding the 12.9 was just way too much glass for me. Love the form factor and Shapr is working great on it so far. Super responsive and a joy to use.


Sweet! Haven’t felt cramped for space at all yet?


Surprisingly the 10.5 is rather spacious and the smaller form factor helps keep me focused on building models. I really love this size for working.


I’m also using the iPad 10.5 with Apple Pencil and it’s working great - nice size and performance with portability too - I would recommend. :+1:t3:


A lot depends on how you plan to use the iPad. If you are going to keep it at home (or work) then the 12.9 has basically the same screen size as a 13" laptop. The 10.5 is much more portable if you plan to travel with it. Remember, you can always send the image to any TV or even a projector. I don’t think you can go wrong with either one. When iOS 11 comes out in a couple of months both will be truly incredible devices.

Yep, love Fusion 360!


At the time of this post, I am only a owner of a 1 day old iPad pro 10.5, just installed Shapr3D last night. To me, it is merely good enough as I simply want to try some simple modelling on Shapr3D when I need for some office’s project while our Engineers uses the heavyweight Solidworks on PC for the whole projects.

I do love the big screen of the 12.9 but I find it kind of Big if I need to carry to office everyday. Do note the overall weight too if you intend to add in the Smart Keyboard. The 10.5 is kind of light in the weight, it does weigh a bit after adding in the Smart Keyboard. Thus, I am sure the 12.9 will be heavier.

As such, it really up to you, which was your preference and how you use it.


As a comparison, it’s smaller than a laptop (and less than half the weight), which many carry around everyday with them…


Have you experimented with importing Shapr3D projects into Fusion360 for photorealistic rendering?

If yes, does it require much knowledge of F360? Can you also add realistic backgrounds?

I’ll need to do this level of rendering for marketing purposes (crowdfunding) and will need to decide whether to have someone else do it for me or try on my own.


It’s fairly straight forward. Fusion 360 is a great program. Here’s a tutorial which covers that;


I love my new Ipad Pro 10.5 Perfect size I think to work with Shapr


My first go at Shapr3D was with the 9.7” iPad Pro that belongs to my girlfriend. I quickly found I wanted more real estate so I ordered the 1st Gen 12.9” iPad Pro and was very pleased. I now have the 3rd Gen 12.9” iPad Pro and absolutely love it.

The 9.7” was great but I just wanted more visual space. Glad to hear your enjoying yours. I don’t think I would be happy with it.