Is anyone else’s iPads starting to overheat really quickly now?

I see that everyone else is noticing the really weird changes using shapr3d, and I guess I’m kind of getting used to it but something’s are just really anything sometimes, but I’m sure there’s enough forum posts about those…

But I don’t really care about those, I noticed that it gets really hard to interact with my project now after working inside for a little while, Maybe it’s just the fact that my project is becoming more and more complex? I can’t say for sure, but I definitely noticed when I got the update to my iPad as it starts heating up way faster than normal And it becomes really hard to just do basic things like sketch when it is in that state.

I just want to know if this widespread and if there is an upcoming fix because I’m about to just use sidecar with my laptop at this point. (Hopefully that’s not affected as I haven’t tried on there yet)


Yes, even my brand new iPad heats up very quickly as well. I’ll assume it’s due to the more complex processing required now, but i’m sure i’ll be told that there’s no difference to the old version. From what I understand as well, perhaps incorrectly, is Apples internal circuitry or whatever you wanna call it, slows things down when temps reach a certain level. Hence the lag and delays. There’s also been other posts about issues with sketching for a variety of reasons including being slow.

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Yes, I think performance is fine until the iPad starts getting hot and starts slowing itself down. I’m really hoping this is just a bug, or I might have to look into that new iPad with its improved thermal performance and efficiency as this is my primary way of modeling

I’m using an M1 iPad Pro if that matters.

We haven’t noticed increased heat dissipation. What are you doing exactly when this happens? Modeling or Visualization? Is there any particular operation that you perform when this happens?

I noticed my iPad was really hot yesterday but I just presumed it was due to how I was working.

Yesterday I was working on complex models with 4-5k bodies. Sitting with the iPad on my lap and it’s bloody hot here anyways. I was jumping between several of those larger files.

Today (or before yesterday) it hasn’t happened at all. I’ve been working on smaller files with just a few bodies.

M2 iPad 8gb.

On smaller files, it’s fine. But on larger ones, hundreds or thousands of bodies it does indeed heat up and slow down. You know the file sizes I work with haha. Even on legacy models with zero history or imported sketches.

I believe it’s related to the computing power that’s needed for larger assemblies. My fear is that with all the changes it will drastically increase forcing the upcoming collapse history, whether wanted or not.

Hi, I’m just doing general modeling. As far as I’m aware nothing specific will heat my iPad up like that, but as I’m looking to thru other responses I think it’s just because my project is becoming pretty big (2400+ bodies) I’m not sure if the parametric modeling update is what pushed the iPad to the limits but I swear it was working fine without bringing my iPad to a snails pace. Talking about simple things like moving objects around being extremely slow. I will provide a video later. And the sketching is the exact same as other videos users have posted

Yes, the project I’ve been working with is pretty big (almost 400 MB) and file size and has over 2400+ bodies. I think at this point it’s just the fact that the project is getting really complex, but I do want to mention that the old version was doing fine without significant slow downs, but after modeling for a bit, it’s hard for the iPad to move objects and sketching. Maybe it could just be a mix of both?

Did you see this? It may or may not pertain….

I saw that and tried to look but I didn’t see that folder

Bob this only partially explains it (also as the one who pressed the issue for 6 days before it was recognized, with still no answers I can speak very much on this). Even after isolating and deleting a lot of extraneous parts and nearly every sketch I still had performance issues. I exported the model (including hidden bodies) as native shaper, and an x_t and imported both into new files. The x_t was approximately 200mb less. Keep in mind as well this was a legacy file with no history attached.

I can add you to the access and provide links if you’d like to see for yourself.

Since then I’ve made some changes to the x_t (since it’s the only one that would run without massive lag) to continue prototyping and performance has steadily decreased and heat increased.

It was hidden for me as well until I started exporting and then re-importing. I only found out because I kept being told I had double the bodies I actually had. Still no answer, explanation, solution etc. it wasn’t til myself and a few other users had a group chat that we found a workaround to allow me to continue to work.

Okay, it seems when I isolate a folder the performance is greatly reduced, this may be why I’ve struggled with modeling because I isolate quite a lot to focus on a specific part. Just loading the file made my iPad extremely hot (and actually as I’m typing this I can feel the iPad slowing itself down). I will try and work again taking notes what happens but, sketching is still a problem

Interesting, I will try this out now

I’ve brought this up before. Pre-update everything moved faster in isolation. I assumed less graphics usage. So I did a lot of work that way myself. Since, it’s been twice or more slower. Now I just take a part and move it away from the assembly to work on it. (Sketches EVERYWHERE now!!! Hahaha)

Yeah, lol for some reason I can’t move sketches with my bodies now and I made some significant structural changes to my design and now it’s just all over the place, also deleting the sketch removes everything

Yep this is another issue I’ve been trying to address and getting nowhere haha.

So I tried this and I felt a difference immediately, it felt way smoother but I haven’t been editing inside of it for long so I can’t say for sure yet. Also loading times were starting to become similar to pre update. But to test for sure, I will let my iPad cool down for a bit and start checking times and report back, thank you for your advice. The body number was still the same though, and I still have the isolation problem

Yes totally agree, after a little while with a big assembly, the iPad runs incredibly slow, un becomes uncomfortable hot.
Old version cannot come back quick enough…. It was never a problem.

This is quite literally the exact same experience I had. Glad to see I’m not the only one along with the others