Need help designing a model


I am new to 3D modeling and new in Shapr3D. To get in touch with the app I have downloaded a PDF with some sample models I am rebuilding. The first 3 models weren’t a problem but at the fourth one I don’t know how I can do this.

Perhaps anyone of you can give me some hints how to do this. I have attached a screenshot of this model.

Thanks in advance

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One way to do it, would be the loft tool.
You can start with two square bodies on different heights and combine them with the loft tool, you will have then the pyramid body.
You can hollow out the massive body with the housing tool, (don’t know if thats the correct term, I’m using the german UI).

Hope that helps a little bit


Hi Thorsten and Matthias,

welcome to the forum.
Loft tool is one way to go.
Coffee break for me, here is a short video showing an other way.


First create 3 blocks to the dimensions specified.
Then adjust the top face of the middle block to meet the edges of the top block.
Then shell the middle block to the correct dimensions.
Finally, chamfer the corners of the bottom block and drag a hole through the top block.

(You could also shell the top block and middle block as one just as @PEC did in his example).

Took just a few minutes over coffee.

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Just an observation… I noticed you used the ‘draft’ tool but this will give a specific angle and it’s difficult to obtain the desired dimension at the top this way.
Personally, I would switch to side view, select the corner of the middle block and drag the desired distance to meet the top block to get an exact dimension.

Btw, how do you upload a video of this length? I’ve tried uploading in the past but the maximum file size is 10MB. I’ve tried reducing both the resolution and quality and find it difficult to reduce any video to under 10MB

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Oh, thanks a lot. That helps me and I will try it out later.


You’re welcome.
Here is a fully dimensioned section view…

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You are right, I was just showing the general idea.
For the video, I use cleanShot X (, a commercial app on MacOS X.
It has almost no editing capability but is very efficient to compress video, as I can get about 5mn at 10 Fps with acceptable quality in the 10MB size limit. Quite good also at screen capture with annotation.


Thanks for that. Much appreciated.

Hej @welshsteve,

to be honest I don’t understand your hint. I draw the middle block as rectangle, extrude it, switch to left or right view. But then I cannot select the corners. Can you explain it in more detail for dummies?

Thanks :wink:

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Give me a minute…

…trying to compress the video to 10MB…

Unable to compress below 10MB so I’ve uploaded to the user group for your attention:

After switching to a flat view (right/left, front/back) drag a bounding box over the corner you wish to move. Select the 'Move" tool from the menu then start to drag the corner to toward the small block. Then click the appropriate dimension in the dimension box.

Do the same for both sides then rotate 90 deg and do the same for the remaining sides.

(Another way is to use the loft tool to loft between the bottom block and the top block).

Mhh…what do you mean with bounding box?

And I cannot see the facebook content. Content seems not be available (at least not for me)

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As usual, there are a number of methods to achieve the same goal. I have shown two methods in the short video below.

Position cursor near the edge of the block, press and drag to cover the entire corner then let go.

This will draw a bounding box over the entire corner.

This will automatically change the available tool selection.

Select ‘Move/Rotate’ and drag the handle the desired distance.

You can also do the same in 3D view by clicking to highlight the top edges of the middle block then dragging the handles to the appropriate distance to meet the small block.

Sweep tool is also a good option :grinning:.


Finally I am able to make these model.

Thanks a lot for your help.


THAT’S GREAT! Which method did you use?

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This is a great method too and would definitely work well with a more complex design.
Just seems to be a lot more steps this way for a relatively simple model.
Love seeing different approaches to the same design.

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Here’s my contribution.
Note: On the sketch, I made the height of the bottom flange .375 for the creation of the body. After shelling, I corrected the base to .5.


Here’s an addendum to my previous workflow. I started the sketch with the base at .5. After shelling, I used my favorite tool, Replace Face, to correct the base. :slightly_smiling_face:


@welshsteve this was a mix between your proposal with the corners (really simple if using the correct method) and the Loft feature.

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