Is Shapr 3D suitable for me?

Hi guys. Not having so much time to learn difficult 3D programs but I want to start 3D draw. I like Shapr so much, but before buying Ipad pro and Shapr I want ensure if it could be useful and suitable for me. I would like to draw and edit basic geometric elements (there is no doubt if this app is suitable) and also sketch free shapes - mainly parts of airplane models.
Is anyone of you so helpful to sketch some shapes according to my 2D curves to help me decide about buying it?
Those shapes I need is a fuselage of a little electric sailplane (just a sample)F5D%201400

Hi Dan!

Here is my example from a fuselage…(F1A)

What would you like tu do with these after the drawing?
Brg fom a free flighter

Hi, I know your fuselage sketch pictures very well, but maybe it is a little bit simplier then my fuselage.
I think easies way should be creating 3D model with guided loft but (because I draw a plan in 2D corel) I don´t know exactly shapes of all profiles in whole lenght of the fuselage. back part is simplier, front part is getting wider and has similar shapes as this:

I would like someone (you? .-) to try sketch just this fuselage if it is possible