I need a good recommendation on a program I can use to create 2D drawings from my Shapr3D models

Im needing to create some 2D prints and unfortunately Shapr3Ds Drawing tools just aren’t there yet.

What are some good recommendations? I was planning to use Shapr3D and Fusion360 together but with last year being so crazy Fusion isn’t in my budget right now. Hopefully I can find something affordable, and preferably for macOS, although I do have Windows in Parallels if I absolutely need it.

The features Shapr3D is missing for me:

  1. I need to customize the title block.

    • Insert my company logo.
    • Drawing Number
    • Boxes for “Drawing by”, “Checked by”, “Approved by”. With corresponding dates.
    • Revision Level.
    • Decimal precision, tolerances, and surface finish.
  2. Tables are needed in almost all of my drawings. I always need to have a revision table. I also use tables extensively for listing multiple part numbers, configurations, suppliers, etc…

  3. Selectively hide lines. Depending on who the drawing is going to I may need to show some but not all of the inner workings of a part.

  4. Custom views. It’s not as common but there are times where the only way to accurately show what something should look like is with a custom view.

  5. Detail views. Often times I have large parts with small details. So being able to create a detail view from an existing view is very important.

  6. This one is nowhere near as important, but the default Shapr3D template is huge compared to what Im used to.

None of these things need to be automatic or anything. In fact during my time using Solidworks I actually found it very annoying when certain elements of my prints would update on their own. Just some basic 2D sketch tools, a barebones table tool, and the ability to customize the template would go a long way.

Please dont take this post the wrong way, I absolutely love Shapr3D and it is now a permanent part of my workflow. But the Drawing tools, just aren’t there yet for my needs, but hopefully they will be soon.

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100% Agree with these needs
In Australia we use Third Angle Projection, Would it be possible to add a template