Is shapr3d going to be serving ads?

I was just asked by my iPad if I wanted to allow shapr3d to track me throughout other websites and apps which is absolutely ridiculous if this isn’t an error

It’ll be interesting to hear Istvan’s response. The only thing I might expect them to do is “analyze incoming traffic” to optimize their cloud storage system.

Look at Privacy & Security: App Privacy Report: (Show All): Shapr3D: Show All.

I REALLY wish we had Apple permission to use a LittleSnitch on iOS. I would be happy (as on hour desktops by internal/external FW and DNS filter/VPN) block at least all facebook and google.

(In all fairness) - ALL apps phone home just too much…

This is the standard ATT dialog that you can find in any other app. This is not for serving ads, but for campaign attribution.

Hi @Istvan, my company uses AppsFlyer too. Just a friendly suggestion… many people don’t want to share ad-related data. Your developers can probably modify the Info.plist file inside your Xcode project (Privacy - Tracking Usage Description key). Something that sounds less intimidating, perhaps “This allows Shapr3D to understand customer engagement, and the data is not shared”, or something like that. More people might tap “Allow”.

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