Shapr3D iOS app - IP whitelist

Good morning,

My name is Towhid, IT Technician from Mandurah Catholic College.

We are currently experiencing issues with the Shapr3D iOS app. We believe the Shapr3D services are not going through our internet filtering system (CyberHound). I was hoping Shapr3D had a range of IPs or web services that require bypassing on our end. After monitoring the app web traffic, I currently have the services bypassed on the highest available policy (HTTPS Destination Bypass and Allow).

Please click on the below link to access the .pdf containing the services.

Kind regards,

Hello Towhid,

Thank you for contacting us. Can you please reach out to us at We are happy to help you with the required information.


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Use a port monitor to see what resources it is using? That would be your best bet.

You might share that with all because he’s not the only Admin :wink: