Is that possible to make a tri-axial ellipsoid?

I can make an ellipsoid with two different axes with the rotate tool but how can I make an ellipsoid with 3 different axes?
Thank you

We (a bunch of us renegades) are hoping for scaling independence. As in ANY direction… x, y or z and not limited to JUST x & y & Z. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It was a real question :wink:
The only solution I found is by using the loft tool (but not very precise):

That’s what I’m trying to do


How did you draw this shape, can you show a few more pictures from other angles as I have a project to do that I think could use the same principles, any help would be appreciated

I want to make a human heart with the left ventricle (bi-axial ellipsoïd: easy) and the right ventricle (tri-axial ellipsoid).

I had to bild my ellipsoid slice by slice:

with a tiny disk on the top of the ellipsoid:

then use the loft tool:

the top isn’t very clean and make the shell tool impossible, so I had to hide the top of the right ventricle by making a rotation:

and then substract, shell and union tools:

I made disappear the inner wall of the right ventricle by giving a negative value to the offset face tool:

and finally union and chamfer:


Thank you for taking time to show me this Michael, I shall try this approach soon. Strange yours is a part for a heart, mine is to create a part for a model aircraft…

The solution worked for me thanks to the community and the members for the solution.

Thanks for helping!