What is a workaround for non-uniform scaling? (Video included)

I have an ellipsoid that I’m trying to scale on one axis to make it a bit flatter.

My steps so far:

  1. Sketch an ellipse
  2. Sketch a line bisecting the ellipse.
  3. Trim off one half of the ellipse.
  4. Revolve to create a 3D ellipsoid.

At this point, I can uniformly scale it, but have no way to flatten or modify it so it is smaller in one dimension.

Video below illustrates the problem - I will be using the ellipsoid as a Boolean to subtract from my button, with the goal of creating a bit of a finger indentation, but the ellipsoid goes through the entirety of the button right now. I’m trying to reduce it’s radius on one axis so it makes a shallower indentation (definitely not cutting all the way through).

Cc (@Istvan, in the main threads on uniform scaling you requested use-cases to help with UX design - and also you have impressive patience in those threads :wink: )


For now, draw an oval, extrude it and use the bevel tool?

Have a look at this thread

A good suggestion, but we still need the functionality. For the price of the annual subscription, I expect this very basic tool, especially since this is going on my third year with the program. We’ve been asking for this for awhile. I would really like to know an expected timeframe…it has been overlooked on every update, while other features are added.

That said, this is my favorite CAD for creating meshes for 3D printing…I also love using it to create base meshes for ZBrush. I would really appreciate this being moved up in the queue and non-uniform scaling finally addressed. Any thoughts, @Istvan?

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@CurlyBee - they said they’re working on this in Q2 (currently), and the blocker was use-cases to define UX and relative priority to other more important roadmap - but looks like we’ll hopefully have it soon :slight_smile:

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I hope so! I anxiously await…. Thank you!

Hey all,

Non-uniform scaling has been released with version 5.180. Make sure your app is updated to at least that version, and let us know if you can how you like it, and whether or not you can solve your tasks with it.

All the best