Best way to draw irregular shape?

I love drawing musical instruments. The difficulty is that most of them have quite irregular shape. In this model, the lower part of the body is a coconut shell, that is shaped like a deformed ellipsoid. I wish that there are ways to scale a sphere in X, Y, Z axis separately, but there isn’t such function.

I end up drawing many cross-sections and then use the loft function. I wonder if there are better ways to do it. What would be your ideas? Thanks!

Yehu.shapr (6.5 MB)


Hello! Instead of many cross-sections, you should give a try the guided loft tool. It works like the regular loft, but you can define additional guide curves. One thing you should look for is to make sure the guide curves are coincident with the cross-sections - the purple points help a lot!


That’s awesome! I didn’t know that I can use splines as loft guides. That helps a lot, thanks very much!

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Wow that’s just precisely what I was looking for myself to route brake hoses and wires on my electric motorbike WIP. Great timing Peter, thanks very much.

Glad to hear that!! :rocket: Happy modeling!