Is there a better way to constrain the outer circle to the inner circle?

I am trying to constrain the outer circle so that there is a 4mm border using another circle. The only way I was able to figure this out was to create two construction lines tangent to the circles and constrain those. There has to be a better way that I am missing

In fusion you can just simply select the distance constraint, choose the two circles, and set the distance

You can use two construction lines in the following manner as on the picture (make the two construction lines parallel to each other while connecting at the same point). Should you change the size of either the inner our outer circle, their distance from each other will remain the same.

Thank you for the response, but isn’t this exactly what I already posted?

This amount of extra work is unacceptable and there should be a streamlined way of constraining two circles…
If there isn’t a better way then I will re-post this in the feature request topic

Makes sense, we’ll add this feature to the sketch engine. We are adding a ton of features to sketching in the upcoming months.