How to constrain "wall" thickness

Hello, new to Shapr3d, and trying to create some simple shapes with the intent of printing them (standard plastic FDM).

I’m trying to figure out the correct way to create constraints for walls; My example would be a ring shape (two concentric circles). I’d like to say “the difference in radius between these two concentric circles must be 2mm” so I can scale them up or down but always have a wall thickness that meets this constraint.

I can set the concentric constraint, but I can’t tap on any point along the circles to define a distance, like I could if these were two lines that I was trying to maintain distance between. I tried using tangent lines and defining a distance constraint between those, but if I lock one of the ends to its respective circle I can’t resize the circle anymore.

I’m quite sure there is a trivial way to do this but I’m just not seeing it. Can anyone help me figure out the “shapr3d” way to describe this constraint?

If you draw a line in your sketch that is perpendicular to your two concentric circles and assign a locked length, this constraint is your wall thickness. You can then move the circles and the distance between the circles stays the same.

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Hi @andrew and @LDB Welcome to the Forum :sunglasses:

You can, as you have said LDB, Move the Circles while Constraining the distance between them:

The second ScreenShot the Arrow has been dragged to the right by 10mm.
Note that the Internal Circle Radius is Locked only for the purpose of enabling Dimensions to be displayed at the same time. Left Locked the whole Sketch will be dragged by movement of the Arrows.

Note also that Locked Dimension(s) prevent Transform > Scale function.

Happy S3Ding :sunglasses:

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