Is there an easy way to create a finger joint?

I will start by saying I am a complete newb at both laser cutting and CAD design, but I think the type of joint I am trying to make is called a finger joint, and it seems to be quite popular in construction of laser cut boxes.

I am attempting to create a box of my own design to start with. Is there a simple way to create this type of joint?


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Hi @Romiller Welcome to the Forum.
You will have to Sketch the Joint Pattern of your choice, but once created it can be used repeatedly by copying and repositioning.
This is just one way to achieve a result:

Happy S3Ding


Hey there,

Video was really helpful. Thanks for putting that together. Do you happen to know how to evenly space the “fingers” across? Lets say I wanted 5 fingers total.

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There is now a better version on the web site Tutorials

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I can’t seem to locate the new video.