Can we

Can I create like simple boxes in 2d like for laser cutting and then put them together so I can see it in 3D? Like show the panels for the sides top and bottom so forth

then put them together in shaper to see how it looks?

I’m new to this my son was helping me then he got lung cancer, and he is feeling bad and I’m trying to finish what we started, i only have this ad one other thing we were making, this we made on a simple box site, so i just wanted to know sorry if i’m new to this i am like 60 years old and he was the tech guy…

this is our box, but I created it on a festivity’s boxes i believe…

Yes. Absolutely. Gonna take a little work but totally doable. The new augmented reality will really make it stand out.

I highly recommend you do 3 or 4 tutorials first. The community is here to help, trust me.

Some here are doing similar projects lazer cutting and milling wood.

Like in all forums, search for answers so you don’t repeat questions

I guess I don’t know what you mean by gonna take a little work but doable, is it capable like to put the parts together in 3D or is it not rally meant to do that? All the drawings I see are in 3d to me. A friend uses Autodesk inventor and he is always shooing me drawings of the parts he makes and then puts it together in 3D so you can actually see it.

also i did nto see SVG as an output, is that so? i can use pdf for plans on my laser however.

Here’s a start

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@mikenbrenda There is no SVG export at the moment.

You can for sure draw your box as shown in your photo as @Oregonerd demonstrated. I am not sure how that translates to what you need to generate laser cuts.

There is DXF export which would be easy (I think) to find a tool that converts to SVG. I’ve not used the DXF export in Shapr3D but I would not be surprised if it is limited to the sketch export. I mainly do 3D Printing so I am not sure about the workflow for laser cutting. But I would imagine you will want to make sure each board is in its own group?

I know there are quite a few that do laser cutting here so maybe they can give you a more concrete idea of what that workflow would look like.

Wow that is cool, now i just need to learn how to make those! lol…is there a way to duplicate those cut outs and intervals along a path? Say I had 4.9 mm thick wood and i need to account for the laser beam width at .008 mm what tutorial would best serve me in this instance of just what you did?

My laser can import PDF file which i believe Shapr does export to?? so i can make my cut’s

Upon more reading i need it to be able to export into a flat like SVG file of 2d? is that what i am looking to say here? I don’t need a 3d for the laser because it just cuts flat, it ignores thickness of the wood for instance, it just cuts a flat design, i wanted to design a box and have it put together like you shown, but in order to cut teh box i guess i would need 2d or flat surface export…that cuts all the pieces out much like the attached picture can shape do this then after i design the box in 3d I guess? IntegratedHingeBox|690x388

Hi @mikenbrenda, we will release SVG export pretty soon, probably in March, it should enable exactly the flow you mention here.

Have you created any designs in other tools in the past which you exported to SVG and cut? I would love to see the designs and the SVGs if you are open to sharing, feel free to share here or as a direct message to me.

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Hi Michael,

If you export your sketches as dxf files and import them into your cutting program it should work just fine.
Or you can project a surface of an item in to the top-plane, then you have a sketch that you can export as dxf
I use Lightburn as my primary software to my laser cutter and it works perfectly.


Do you work for Shapr? That would be cool if you do in March then I can use, I normally design in VCarve Pro and also Sihouette pro and affinity design

We are here to help you with that :slight_smile:
“is there a way to duplicate those cut outs and intervals along a path?”
No and yes. You can draw a rectangle and duplicate it in a way that will make it easy to do what I did. I hope they are working on “array” features, but no news yet.

.008mm cut path… Seems to me that matters only to your laser processor program, not to Shapr. As it is .008 is pretty negligible and can ignored in you designs in wood in Shapr (3/10,000 in.)

Hi @mikenbrenda . Yes I work at Shapr3D :slight_smile:

If you are sketching each of the parts you want to cut, you can basically extrude those like @Oregonerd indicated and assemble them using our 3D align feature. If you like it, you can arrange the original sketches in a convenient way for your laser cutter and export to DXF. Some cutters can work directly with DXF, but if not you might need to convert to SVG. We don’t currently support it natively, but will soon. Till then you will need to use other software, possibly on a desktop computer. I use Inkscape (it is free).