Rotators / joints / fasteners / clips

Hey folks!, i wanted to see if I could design some actual assets to resin print. One of my questions however is how to design joints

Ex: rotating door, how to design a wallet that clips closed. Ball joint parts sockets

Are there any ressources to learn how to design for those features?. I’d love to try but not sure where to start.

Seeing as I’m designing for resin printing I assume there are thickness requirements for flex in parts?.

Would be great if shapr3d has a library of parts or a share platform to share parts amongst users :). Similar to thingyverse but with step, x_t , etc formats

I personally use GrabCad.

Cool is that a website or app?, I’ll do a search on Google, but for others that might check if you have a link post it in here. Feel like a lot of us would benefit from it. :). Thx!

It’s a website.

Grabcad Library

You’ll need to sign up, then you have access to download tons of different CAD models.

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