Is there any form of flow functionality (a la Rhino)

Hi All,

New iPad user and loving the app so far. I am coming from Rhino and Fusion 360 and I mostly use Rhino for Jewlery design.

I am looking into Shapr as a great on the go solution for when I am doing commissions, being able to design in front of the customer would be a great way to get customers on board, but I need a few essential features to fully commit.

I am trying to figure out how to project repeating patterns along the outside fo a ring. Initially I was attempting to use Boolean operations by extruding a sketch like in th ring tutorial on YouTube, but when I need to have a repeating pattern around the entire circumference I am having issues.

Using project isn’t ideal, and the 2d sketch gets distorted near the edges. I was trying to use the rotate the patterns I want to use around the ring then extrude (is there a circular pattern functionality?).

Is there any plans to introduce some kind of flow functionality like in Rhino, or is there a workaround in the current version?


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Thank you!

Hi @HerrChick ,
Did you find someway to do this?