Rotating a projected feature around an axis

I projected a profile on a cylindrical object, but I can’t seem to copy the profile around the cylinder.
The projection is used to cut/remove some material from the surface of the cylinder, and now I want to pattern that cut around the cylinder

Is this what you want?

this is a bit helpful, as it shows a somewhat descent way of achieving what I am doing. seems like a good way to do a smaller number of profiles (<10 or so).
however, I’m rotating more than 4 profiles (more like 20+)
is there another option to do such a function?

You can go 2 ways:

  • create the sketches first (pattern tool can be used), project them onto the cylinder, and modify projections or
  • create a single sketch first, project it, modify the projection and copy the feature around (move/rotate tool)

The first one is more reliable, since feature copy does not always work for complex geometry

I made this to test out Benaston’s suggested method. It worked although very time consuming for such a simple set of features.
I like the sound of being able to pattern the projection but I can’t seem to be able to do this. I can “copy” from “move/rotate” but I can’t seem to get to a pattern function.

Hello! The pattern tool is located in the Transform menu. If you don’t have it, please update Shapr3D to the latest version.

It can also happen that I did not get your point. In this case, please feel free to share a screen recording of your workflow.

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