It’s a line, not a curvature

Hi, All…Here is the thing. Anyone faced the same issue before? When I tried to use spline, the line drew out is straight, not curvature. Is there anything I missed? Please help. Thanks !



Could you give us some more details? Which platform are you using, the OS version, device, the used input device, the app version and a short video how it’s happening / steps to reproduce the issue would help a lot in debugging.

Thank you!

Because you are not adding any control points. To add control points, press down the Pencil. When you lift your Pencil from the screen, you’ll end the spline.

Hi… Thanks for your reply. Actually, i have tried a lot of times, no matter press hard or light, lift immediately or keep on going. Still, it’s a line.

The device I am using is IPad Air (4th generation)
The OS version is. 14.4.2
The app version is 4.8.1(1493)
This app was just newly downloaded, like 1 week ago. And, this iPad is the only device used.

Which Apple pencil model are you using? I can’t reproduce the issue :frowning:

Did you change your settings to LIGHT pencil pressure? When I first started, it was too hard to press, it felt like my screen would break. Now it’s fine.

I don’t know neither. I have tried to delete and download again, still the same issue there.

I just changed the setting to light and tried to draw spline, still it is straight. I have recorded a short clip and sent to support team. Wish they can find out what’s the issue there. Thanks. Pherja.

Are you using a regular Apple Pencil or a Logitech Crayon?

I wonder if it’s simply you’re not understanding how the tool works. It doesn’t work the same as Bézier curves in Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer. If you just tap tap tap, you will get straight lines.

You should tap once to create a starting point then tap press and drag to get your first control point (no handles) you’ll see a blink of color to let you know you made a control,point, then with the pencil still on the screen, drag. This will change the line to a curve.

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