Items Manager disappears prematurely

I am running version on an iPad with iOS 16.1.1. Previously the Items Manager panel would stay open while I worked in the design panel until I decided to close it. Now if I open the Items Manager, select a body in Items Manager and then go to rotate it or otherwise work in the design panel the Items Manager panel disappears. Very frustrating. I hope this was not a software design change. I looked in Settings to see if this was configurable and it appears not to be. Did iOS 16.1 introduce this problem? How do I get the old behavior back?

Hi Joel,
Maybe you unpinned the item-manager?

Cheers Matt

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You beat me to it.
(BTW, the item is a limit switch imported from McMaster Carr…and in STEP format. :slightly_smiling_face:)

D’oh! Blame my app blindness. Many, many thanks.

Perhaps a short note could be added to the Shapr3D docs? I had searched them to no avail.