Make Items panel and History panel resizable

Please follow the format below for requesting a feature.

The problem that this feature will solve:
When both the Items panel and the History panel are open, there is not enough space on 12.9 inch iPad to do comfortable design work.

I would like to be able to drag a handle on each of these panels to make the width of them smaller. When in the smallest width, I would want to see the icon showing the object type, the first 3 or so letters of the name, a tiny ellipsis, and the hide or suppress icon.

With these panels both open there is about 125mm width available. By shrinking we could have about 200mm available. That translates to each panel being minimized to 30mm wide.

If an expanded step in history is shown it may have to bubble out of the history panel. Or something more clever than that :wink:

If the history panel has to stay as wide as it is, then please make the items panel resizable.

Brief description of the outcomes that you expect from this feature:
This feature should allow me to have both panels open and still work.

What can’t you achieve without this feature?
It is not a blocker, but would make IMO a better UI/UX.

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Yes that would be nice, if it’s doable. The panels can be intrusive at times.

The items panel will become resizable with literally the next release that goes out early next week if everything happens according to schedule. There will be a minimum size though to keep it usable.

Simple resize wouldn’t work well for the history panel as the expanded cards do need some horizontal space to remain usable. But we do have plans there as well for a more compact layout where the steps appear similar to how the main tool menu work right now and the parameters appear in floating cards. It will take a few months to deliver though, but we believe it will work a lot better even on iPad screens.


Excellent, thank you Peter!

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Thanks Peter :+1:

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Great, but let’s us go as far as we want… and just cut of the displayed text. I sure we can handle that.

Need some workspace here!
(no hover on Mini5)

Hi @BKE , in this case, why don’t you close the Items panel?

Of course :slight_smile: and have set ‘On Hover’!

This was just worst case scenario. Still, I can see the need to have Items panel open working from time to time. (Otherwise it would have no value :wink:


@Peter_Gy , when I read your reply I wrongly assumed that “resizable… be a minimum size…” meant that it would be possible to resize the Items panel smaller. It seems I can only resize larger, which is not what I was looking for…


You can make it both larger and smaller than the previous default, but a minimum size is still set.

But why not let us grown-up decide?
(Imho the minimum is far to wide.)


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It’s generally a good practice to set a minimum size for these kind of sidebars, so they remain functional and don’t cause confusion / break visually when pushed smaller.

It’s also not really possible to optimize for every available screen size, so there will always be tradeoffs to be made.

It’s generally a good practice to set a minimum size for these kind of
sidebars, so they remain functional

As to wide, they are the opposite or less.

and don’t cause confusion / break visually when pushed smaller.

How would I be confused by getting them as small as I want?

A disoriented user might get it narrow by mistake, OK. But then not being intelligent enough to widen it? I think you slightly underestimate you users.

‘break visually’? Letters being crushed? :slight_smile:

It’s also not really possible to optimize for every available screen size, so
there will always be tradeoffs to be made.

If you give users freedom (a good practice), there is no need to optimize.

My 2¢/ BK

Nothing is set in stone, as we keep changing the app all the time. For now, this is the decision that has been made, but it’s subject to change. The feedback is always useful, and thank you for that!

It’s generally an interesting topic how much freedom one wants to give the users. If it’s total freedom, it makes controlling the user experience very very hard. If it’s not enough freedom, user’s can’t set things to be comfortable. It’s a continuous balancing act that is most likely going on forever. If you don’t optimize for anything, the end product can end up looking / performing average / bad everywhere, in the end, a “mid” product. Not great, not terrible. If you optimize too much on one target device / screen size, you might gain great results there, while the rest could suffer.

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@BKE , thanks for the feedback; noted. I’ve forwarded it to the product team. We keep investing in the user experience and trying to make it optimal on every possible device and screen size. I understand that you’d like to make the items panel even smaller. We’ll take your feedback into consideration.

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Thank you, @Laci_K , @Peter_Gy and @Istvan ,

I agree with what you say. I also want to make one more push for smaller. Please try to picture this in the discussion of a more narrow Items manager sidebar:

  • Reduce the width to be the item name to be a 3-4 characters. Recently, @gex suggested having emoji’s which would be nice, but there could be implementation difficulties. So an alternative is to use a different character set (I would choose Greek) just for the first character. Then, I’d probably have a number, followed by the meaningful name. I would make my names more unique and as meaningful as possible in the first few characters, and be more verbose in the latter part of the name so when I expanded the item sidebar I could be reminded of the long name. My names might be something like: Σ12 worm gear motor housing, and
    Δ2 electronics box . When minimized in size, I would only see “Σ12…” and “Δ2 e…” Pretty quickly I would adopt a naming convention, the new short name would be acceptable.
  • When the sidebar is at the minimum size, reduce the white space between the edge of the sidebar and the icon describing the item type (body, sketch, folder, plane, etc.). Also reduce the white space between the icon and the name of the item. Keep it functional, but think small.
  • Display the: item type icon, visibly truncated name, and visibility icon (eye) with minimal white space.
  • To make it dynamic and highly useful, mimic one very cool behavior of the history sidebar into the items sidebar: highlight the item on the design when you hover over the item in the sidebar. Then there is quick visual feedback of exactly what the item is.

I know you can’t tailor for every screen size, but you can reduce the space of the tools and give space back to the design. The tools shouldn’t get in the way of the work.

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I do see all you points clearly.

I have been responsibly for several developments involving user interface long before the G in GUI (since 78 until resent years). It is a rare balance. But sometimes the feedback is valid :wink:

Thank you for lending me your ear! I really appreciate what you do with Shapr3D and it is great to have the opportunity to influence.

May I suggest the possibility to mark an item (or items) by some color through a ctrl-click (et al), as a rudimentary way to identify segments - unrelated to the width.


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Something like this would be wonderful on the iPad.

There is so much ‘space’ around’ everything -

  • the grey boarder of the items panel,
  • the white space around each of the item icons,
  • white space between the icons and the item name,

And so on.

Also quite large text whit yet more space above and below each item name. Just all feels very spacious. All this could be reduced as the items bar gets smaller. Even the item icons could disappear or reduce.

… also maybe we could have the ability to resize the app wide menu/tool/constraints text size.

All of this is easily solved, force all the Shapr3D staff/genius to work solely on a iPad Mini5* every second week. :crazy_face:

(Seriously, a cardinal developer/management error is to always use the largest, latest & fastest of everything, not reflecting the user pool.)

*I am holding on until Mini M1, if ever, appears.