5.470 - Manage your workflows more seamlessly

This release covered subtle but crucial enhancements to help improve your day-to-day workflow.

Regular release updates

  • New (Windows): Manage your project names faster by renaming your projects directly from the modeling space.

  • Improved (iPadOS and macOS): The Items Manager sidebar is now adjustable, allowing you to navigate to deeper folder hierarchies and view longer names more effortlessly.

  • Improved (iPadOS and macOS): The Screenshot tool menu now uses the same layout as the main menu in the modeling space, giving you a more consistent look and feel while using the tool.

  • Improved (Windows): Experience a smoother workflow with the new option to customize the placement of your Undo & Redo buttons. Just access Settings to choose between a Title Bar and a Bottom Bar location.

Beta release updates

  • New: Now you can fix sketch constraint errors caused by history changes more easily with the new retarget feature. Simply click on the missing geometry in the sketch to start retargeting.
  • Improved: Reorganize your design history more efficiently with the new option to drag and drop multiple history steps.
  • Fixed: Several bug fixes around the Pattern tool and projections.

Make sure to try these changes and let us know what you think in the comments below.


A quick look at the project tool in Beta looks much better! Thanks.

The resizable items manager is resizable, but looks like only to make it bigger? It would really good if this could shrink the existing size. Please give more area for designing while seeing the items. I can be creative with names (of important things) so only the first few characters identify the item.


Thanks very much for those improvements.

Great updates!

Would you consider allowing the user to double-click on the vertical separator (right edge of the Items Manager) to have the Items Manager sidebar shrink or expand to the current content dimensions?



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How do I adjust the size of the side bar? I cannot see how to get this to work, mainly to read a long description, I am probably being stupid but cannot see how to read a long part name?
Also could you confirm what the latest revision number is for the BETA version, my iPad said it automatically updated the other day but just received an email for the update, so not sure what number I should be looking for in settings should be
Thanks Alistair

Will a similar feature be coming to the iPad? I.e renaming the project directly from the top toolbar?

Yes, we always keep every platform feature par. Coming very soon.


Ok I found how to expand the side bar, but it is a very feint ‘click on bar’ obvious when you know BUT think it could be improved