Join the next Shapr3D Showroom Event!

It’s finally happening! Our second event!
Join us today at 10AM PDT / 7PM CET and stay for the live Q&A afterward.


See you there!


Hello, whenI follow the link it says the showroom event is on september 14th instead of september 13th

Interesting, where do you see that? Is it possible that it’s due to a time zone difference? September 13th 7pm CET, is on September 14th in some parts of the world :slight_smile:

My mistake , i am in Japan and I thought the event would start now.

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Darn. I’m working until 2230hrs today so I’ll miss it :sleepy:

Will it be possible to make it available as a video for us to view afterwards?

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Yes, a recording will be available later :slight_smile:

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Congratulation with the event :slight_smile:
I`m really looking forward to try out the Webviewer :slight_smile: That was quite a plessant suprice
The sync is also working great and getting materials in AR/USDZ has been awsome

I can`t wait to see what more you have cooking for the foreseeable future
(Rotate Materials ?, Custom Materials?, True reflections?, SpaceMouse on the Ipad (Driver Kit)?)

Will the webviewer update changes live?
Say the client is giving feedback about something and you change it right there and then. Will the model update itself in the webviewer / AR while it is in use? Or do you have to refresh the webpage or hit a sync/refresh button?
This is startng to come really close to my vision about being able stream a model to some customers AR glasses and do changes on the go on the model on the ipad.


I’m really looking forward to Webviewer. No more exporting out to other apps AND no need for people to download apps to view your work. That’s a really incredible achievement by the Shapr team. :+1:


@Istvan_CEO_Shapr3D At around 3.50m into the presentation you are showing a piston being modelled. Then you are zooming out and it shows that this piston is part of an engine.
I cannot help but see that this is an exploded view of all the parts that this engine is made of.
Now that brings questions:

  1. How did this exploded view come about? I’m sure that while designing each item is designed right next to the ajoining item to ensure that parts fit.
  2. Is there a facility upcoming to create exploded views of all bodies a design comprises and, of course “unexplode” them

cool, I did not even notice that

2022-09-15 09.35.49

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Amazing, I didn’t notice that too!

I hadn’t noticed either. I did notice what looked like the Split Body function and it looks very good.

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Silence from S3D side. Maybe I shouldn’t have noticed this?:grinning: