5.280 - Show more model details with Webviewer and Visualization

  • New: Embed your Webviewer models on your website with the new HTML code snippet under Share.
  • Improved: Get a more realistic textile finish to your models when you export your design to Webviewer.
  • Fixed: A sporadic issue with the color set in Visualization not accurately reflecting in the modeling space has been resolved.

Fixed for Windows:

  • Fixed: Setting the camera field of view to 0° under Views & Appearance no longer makes the model disappear intermittently.
  • Fixed: The SpaceMouse doesn’t sporadically lose connection anymore.

Let us know what you think of these enhancements and fixes.


Missing tool with this update — Add Plane(Midplane). I use it a lot.

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It’s under More if it doesn’t fit to your screen.

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Hmm, interesting, this looks like a bug indeed. We’ll look into this.

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Meanwhile of course you can take the action->selection path, go to Add->Construction Plane->Midplane and then select the faces.


Yes, I know where to find the tool, but the quick access is pretty handy.

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Of course, we should fix this.


Cool, but the problem is the visualisation mode doesn’t show applied decals such as logos, text, captions etc. In our case we have a device with an LCD display, but the text on the display doesn’t appear. Same with web view.

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Yes, that’s correct, it’s not supported yet. It’s on our roadmap though.


Thanks for adding the feature Shapr3d staff. As a new feature it’s indoor l obviously something which has its limits being new.

I think most ppl will be grateful to see it though, a welcome upgrade.

I guess I have a few observations, but you likely already know about these.

Exporting my model from iPad, direct to webviewer:

  • camera: I’m guessing you guys opted for an orthographic view than perspective as a first instance? Is there any plan to allow users to choose?

  • perhaps an FOV option might be useful in this regard too.

-background colour, perhaps if this was selectable by the user, that might be nice too.

I’m sure they’re all things you’ve thought of.

The geometry all seems to be displaying fine :+1:t2: the textures/finishes show up ok as well.

I’m just curious… is there anyway to embed webviewer content in to a Facebook post?
Thanks for your work and attention to this area of the software. All positive.

Long time supporter here…

Thanks Shapr3D Team, for the fast AND fruitful development cycles!

I’m blown away with how fast new (groundbreaking) features are added to the application, working at a tech/software company, myself. I was looking for a model viewer to build into my website and found an opensource project, then I found it was already sponsored by Shapr :wink: Within days of seeing that, it was in the app and embeddable… You guys saved me lots of work outside of the app!

@Istvan Thank you, once again!


Thanks for bearing with us!

The Visualisation improvements are noticeably even better than before.

That’s two versions of an award pin I was asked to design at work. I did a convex and flat version and management settled on the flat one on the right as it was faster to get produced in what was a very tight deadline before Christmas.
While I was working on this project, the Shapr3D Visualisation and Webviewer were extremely useful for keeping the team in the loop and I was able to show the changes and updates very quickly.

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This was the finished item. We were very pleased with it.