Joining two spline lines

I have created two spline lines on a sketch plane that join to each other. When I use these in an extrude I get a line on my resulting 3D shape at the point the two splines join. Can I merge the two spline lines to create one continuous line?

Hi Keith,

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I don’t think it is currently possible to join 2 spline lines to create a continuous line, even when the splines are tangent. I tried many things many times, all failed.
If someone has a solution, I’m interested too.

If you don’t want the line at all, I’m afraid you will have to create a single spline line, I don’t know any other way to go.

For me, the line is a real problem mainly for 2D drawing, because it will appear on the drawing as an edge, which results in an incorrect representation.

Many thanks for the feedback.