Two splines wont really join on same plane

Hi, the two splines on the same planes seem joined but I can still mark them separately. This will get problems later when I want to LOFT that spline with splines from other planes. LOFT will try to connect those across the model even if they are not marked as endpoints anymore.
Or should I put endpoints so that LOFT has an easier task?

Hi Peter,
I would say: If you can select both splines seperatly, they ARE NOT joined!
And I don’t see what makes you think they “seem joined”. The sharp corner at their endpoints is a clear sign that they are not!

  • Klick the enpoint
  • then this 3 icons should appear
  • klick on the right one, what will convert the two endpoints of the splines into a spline-point.
  • be aware that this causes a change of your shape (as there can be no sharp corners inside a spline).

Cheers Matt

OK Matt I get that thanks, makes sense.