Keep z-axis always up?

Hi all, is there a way to alway keep the z-axis pointed up while tumbling? I like being able to tap on the cube to pick between views but if I tumble the view after tapping left or front the design ends up in some awkward orientation. In order to correct it I need to either go back to the top view or double-tap the cube. Sometimes I want to start from a side view and just rotate it a touch but end up with a wonky view like this:

Ideally there would be a setting to keep Z pointed up while tumbling at all times, similar to just about any other 3D design app I have ever used. Is there something like that hidden? Could it be added? Does this bug anyone else?


Hi, thank you for your feedback! Currently, it should act like this, but we may have to refine the view movements in the future. Can you please tell me if you are using the touch/ keyboard UI?

I’m using the touch/pencil interface on an iPad Pro. That specific interface (as opposed to mouse, trackpad, or keyboard) is one of the biggest draws for me. I want to be able to work on the couch on my lap and not need to be at a desk or on a laptop.

I’m sure there are many who like or are used to the tumbling behavior as-is so it feels like this would need to be an option that can be toggled on. Almost all (probably all) of my modeling projects have an inherent “top” or “up” direction and it is difficult to work on something twisted around in an unnatural orientation. I know I can return to the default view with a double-tap and tumble from there but that means I end up needing to do that way more often than I’d like.

Thanks for the consideration


Yes, we will fix this, thanks for sharing.

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