Top view - upside down

When I have top view, the cube is upside down. How can I fix?

Top is OK for me but Left is Right and vice-versa. I guess it is all a matter of point of view and that’s why the names should be user configurable, e.g. Fore, aft, port and starboard if one were nautically oriented…




So is it possible to fix it or not? thx

Someone from the Shapr team will have to respond to this…



OK thanks. I´m new here so just learning how it works.

Yes, we will change the orientation of the “top” text :slight_smile:

Great. And is it possible to change axis orientation?

What do you mean?

Well I worked years with x axis horizontally to the right and y axis vertically up in 2D and you have it vice versa which is a bit confusing but I think I will get used to that - just asking if possible to change it or not.


Unfortunately currently you can’t do that :frowning:

ok… thx anyway