Why is default view always backward

Hi when ever I start a new workspace the view is always with the front facing away from me. So, looking down on top with right face to my left and back face to the right. Any way to set this to something more intuitive? (For eg looking down on top, with front facing slightly left towards me and right facing slightly right towards me) ?

Hi - personalizing the views is something we have on our roadmap, but not something we will have in the near future. The current solution is a standard setup. We will allow/implement customization later on :slight_smile:

Thanks Daniel, am curious what the logic is behind facing away from the user? I’m guessing I’m just missing the point and if I knew what the idea was I might not need the customisation?

Yeah, um… I have been drafting professionally for over 40 years. I started with manual drafting in mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and electronics. I moved into digital in 1987. I’ve done work in nearly any related field you care to name, including CAD/CAM, GIS, Digital Orthophotography, rendering, animation (2d &3d), etc.

I said all that to say this:
The standard for isometric views is Top/Right/FRONT. (and has been for well over 100 years…) Shapr3D is a revolution in ease of use and leverages the tablet/stylus mobile environment better than any software I have seen in over 40 years of work in the digital 3D market, but the Top/Right/Back default view drives me up the wall and is not standard in education or any applied field I can think of.

Please, please, please, please add an option or setting that will let the user rotate to a preferred orientation and then lock that view axis to the double tap on the cube. It would not be difficult to implement and would be fantastically useful as a project evolves and the user works on different parts of the emerging model.

Thanks for listening to an old guy!


Commenting further, I cannot use the current cube views for vehicle design.

If I draw a line from the back face of the cube to the front face, Left should be on the left and Right on the right. How could this not be? This is not a matter of convention but the definitions of Front and Back and common sense. Picture your car oriented like the cube. If the steering wheel is on the left side, the driver enters the Left door. Engineers at any car, aircraft, missile, train company would reject the product outright because of this…

Or the cube is an inappropriate metaphor/interface model.





I couldn’t agree more.



OK, we will change it.


Great! Thanks! :+1:


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Woohoo, thanks!

Thank you!

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Where is the fix for this I’ve done updates all along and my cube is still backwards.
Someone please help.

I’m using version 3.28.0

Still waiting for Left to be Right and vice- versa, etc. as per my above post. When I design I draw a big Red block for Left (Port) and a big Green block for Right (Starboard) and have these offset from my design but in view. And then I can ignore the crazy Left/Right in the cube and orient correctly…

Other than that, Shapr rocks…




Your still waiting because if you go to tutorials and watch the guy design a motor his axis and view cube are the right way

Ya it’s fixed just don’t know how to get it

Jesse Hamilton


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Thank you very much for your comments. I have been traveling and have not had the opportunity tet to review the matter. Will be doing so in upcoming days. Being optimistic, I hope that you are correct.



Hi @Jesse [a belated] Welcome to the Forum :sunglasses:
The following is intended to help and inform.

In your Post above:


It looks as if the ScreenShot has been captured from the Tutorial? Please correct me if I am wrong.
It also appears to be correctly related to the Electric Motor, orientation changes were seemingly made at a later date?

You say that you are using S3D version 3.28.0, it is recommend that the latest version is used.
May I suggest you download the current version 3.36.4
Happy S3Ding :sunglasses:

The ‘Preferred???’ Default View with modifications to the Navigation Cube is the choice, from the POV of some Members [including me], rather than the Current Default View. This is the Current Default View in version 3.36.4 24 March 2020:

DefaultViewCurrent.shapr (2.0 MB)

S3D have set this up looking at the Back Face, and the other Faces are correctly labeled from the chosen viewpoint. It can be seen that the Navigation Cube relates properly to that viewpoint, this will become abundantly clear when viewed from the DefaultViewCurrent.shapr File attached above.

The DefaultViewPreferred???.shapr File displays the viewpoint that some members would prefer.
It is clear from this ScreenShot that the Navigation Cube would have to be altered to relate properly to this viewpoint:

DefaultViewPreferred???.shapr (2.0 MB)

The following is to stress a point [pun intended], and one reason why I would like S3D to adopt the ‘Preferred’ Default View, is that some Objects have obvious Fronts and appropriate other Aspects. E.G., @tommyn requiring an orientation suitable for vehicles. Most of which have defined Fronts.
While it may seem satisfactory to use the set up in the present Current Default View there is absolutely no escaping the fact Left is on the left with respect to the Front and Right is on the right with respect to the Front. Left does not change to Right when it is turned horizontally through 180º. Forgive my crude CrossbowBolt but there is a NEED to make this point :zipper_mouth_face::

Current Default View

Preferred??? Default View

If there is any doubt about the requirement for rearranging this feature perhaps a Poll would give an indication of overall Members Preference?

Another Orientation feature that is time consuming it the fact that the Axis X, Y and Z perform cartwheels.
I am old school and used to drawing looking downward onto my ‘creation to be’. Because it rhymes and fits better with this scenario mainly ‘I draw on the Floor’. S3D offers the opportunity to do this but occasionally presents the Ceiling as the drawing area, and on other occasions offers a Wall for the same purpose. When these event occur the Grid usually requires attention before it can be used. I personally cannot use a Grid when it is on the Ceiling and action has to be taken to return it to a usable position.
Tap the small Navigation Icon in the extreme top righthand corner of the iPad Screen > Views > GRID POSITION > XY plane [Note: In the following the Numbers are the Order in which the Planes are Selected, these are in two columns of three so that there is a direct comparison of like Planes side by side]:


2 5
3 6

Perhaps there is a reason for the cartwheel effect behaviour?
Hopefully it will be possible to dispense with what appears to be features of limited use that need plenty of clicks.

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We will update it with the next release.

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The problem is that we are using first angle projection instead of third angle projection on the orientation cube. We will work on an update with a standardised third-angle projection so it won’t make confusion anymore. To better understand the differences check out this video explanation about first angle VS third angle projection. Thanks for your feedback!


Thanks for accepting the feedback as a statement of the current situation, it is really good news to learn
that we can look forward to improvements in due course.
Just like the Lady sang ‘Simply the Best’ and at least one Member [who cannot sing] mouths ‘Forget the Rest
The hard work and continual Development by the Team is greatly appreciated.

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