Re-centering the Move/Scale Gizmo

I notice that when you try to move something and you zoom in, you can no longer see the gizmo and arrows. Is there a way to make it re-center to your view point or is this a feature that has yet to be implemented?

The gizmo always stays at the center of the selection, unless you move it manually by dragging its center. Can you explain how and why this situation occurs in your workflow?

For example, I have a long part that I want to move. The gizmo is in the center, but when I zoom in to the top of my part, I can’t see the gizmo anymore because it is in the center, below my line of sight. Is the only thing you can do is move the center to the area you are zooming in to? Will that affect the point it moves from or rotates from (I don’t need to rotate it, but if I did)?

I see, so you are trying to position something accurately by zooming in. A better workflow would be to use the Translate and Align tools, or create construction planes and projections to position your part accurately. The reason why we have not implemented moving the gizmo for this use case is that we don’t really support this workflow. If you want to position your part like this, you can still drag the center of the gizmo there and then zoom in.

Ah, okay. I haven’t really used the Translate and Align tools. I guess I’ve been trying to do it the hard way :slight_smile: I will give them a try, thanks!

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This is actually the only thing in shapr3d that bugs me on a day to day basis. I wish that the gizmo stayed in the view when zooming in for easy adjustment and not having to use other tools to quickly move something. I will also try the translate and align tool but its just extra steps in what could be a very simple task of moving something

Actually there is one other thing, lol. When i have a drawing with hundred or thousands of objects and i select one then go to the items menu, i have to scroll up or down through all the items to find the one that is highlighted in blue, i wish when you selected an object and went to the items menu, to hide it for example, it was automatically displayed in the item list.

Before zooming in, I usually just slide the gizmo close to where I intend to zoom into, so it’s already in the place I need it.


I didnt even know you could move it lol, i will try moving it to where i am working like you have done, that’s smart, I am not haha

The location of the gizmo is important too. If you move it to a cylindrical surface, it snaps to the center axis of that cylinder so you can rotate around that center. Or if you move it to an edge one the translation arrows will move along the edge, which may be different than an x,y, or z axis direction. And it can be moved so the translation direction is along the x, y, or z axis, which is the way it starts in the center of the item. The location is important, and is very useful!


A simple hot key to move the gizmo to camera view so you can snap to an edge or axis would be so helpful. The align tool is impossible to use when you need to get really close to something and the translate is all guesses because it cant snap to an object, any other ways to do this?

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Make a feature request with that idea.

I agree that it is often difficult to see both the source and destination at the same time without zooming. However, I discovered that you can select the source face or edge and then, before you pick a snap point, you can reposition and zoom to better see the target area. You still need to see at least the chosen snap point on your source body, but since the body is now transparent, you have lot more flexibility in repositioning to see the target.

On the attached video, I was able to select the bottom of an object, reposition to now see a previously un-viewable face of a different body and snap to it.