Open Beta program starts!

We promised the end of the summer for the launch of the open beta program – and it certainly feels like that here in Budapest, where after two weeks of relentless 35C heat the temperature dropped 15 degrees overnight and it started to rain.

We’ll start publishing everything and sending out invites to those who signed up today. If you’re already here, it means a few things for you:

  • We will open this part of the forums up for everyone. Don’t be surprised if you start to see many new faces – and make sure you make them feel welcome!
  • We changed how we publish the betas. If you are on Apple platforms and used TestFlight to install it, there’s nothing to do, you are good to go. However, if you installed the beta on Windows or from a DMG file on macOS, back up any designs you want to save (or make sure you have sync turned on), uninstall that version and then head to the official download page and install the beta again from there. You only need to do it once, it’ll keep itself upgraded after that.
  • We will publish the updates to the parametric beta as part of our normal release announcements in the Announcements section of the forum. Here’s the one for the latest updates.

Thanks again for your continued feedback. We couldn’t make this huge leap forward without your help. :pray:


Hi, I’ve downloaded both the Windows and the Ipad version of the app. The windows version seems to have the History base feature, but on the ipad, I don’t have it available. I have both Shapr3D versions, working simultaneously ( version 5.430.0.5465 #ad73184f and 5.450.0.5689 #a0a93e9a). Could you help?

It’s a separate app, the icon looks different. Are you sure you are starting the beta and not the regular app?

I think for the iPad version you meant 5.450.0.5698 (ninety-eight) and not 0.5689 (eighty-nine), but please double-check.

But in 5.450.0.5689, design history should be available – a clear sign of that is the icon for the history sidebar being visible near the orientation cube. But something very weird might be going on. Could you maybe open a design, open the Settings menu, scroll down to the bottom where it shows the app version and take a screenshot of the app at that point?

Hi Istvan,

Both icons are different, I took a few screenshots of what I have, the app crashed also when I was taking a screenshot ( already send through the Crash report)

Hi Peter, as you have requested, these are the screenshots for the 2 version I have on the iPad. When I follow the on your website for the new history based version, I am brought to the version number: 5.430.0.5465. If you want I can also remove it and reinstall it?

Thanks, this is useful – you indeed have version 5.450.0.5689, whereas the right version for parametric is 5698.

This is probably because you have helped us test other betas before, and TestFlight is not the best at handling such situations. What you could try is to check the “Previous Builds” menu in TestFlight for the blue beta install and under that, look for 5.450.0.5698 (ninety-eight) and install that build. After that, parametric functionality should be available in the blue beta app.

OMG!!! I am in love!!! The system works so beautifully. History-Based Parametric modeling is AWESOME!

Ok, so on the BETA version 5.430.0 (5464) where the icon looks like a blueprint with Shapr3d logo and a black BETA triangle at the top right, it does not allow me to check for previous version. Though, it is syncing with the BETA version that has parametric history on my Windows PC?! I think this could be the one causing issues, I have no issue with removing the app from the system and reinstall the new one. Let me know if this is what you would prefer.

As for Version 5.450.0 (5689) I can see several versions and their builds, when I select 5.450.0 to see the 2 builds I have, I only have 5.450.0 (5689) and (5683), unfortunately I don’t have version 5698.

Got it, thanks! Could you send your Apple ID to We’ll add you to the list manually – the invite link does not always work that well.

Very important point to note, HBPM parts are NOT backward compatible.

Yes, that’s indeed quite important, and we mention that in our FAQ as well.

What you can do if you only need the result geometry is to export that as an X_T file and import that into the stable app – on that level compatibility is indeed maintained.

Same problem,

Hey - can you please hit “Stop Testing” at the bottom of the Blue Beta app’s TestFlight page and then hit Download on the Shapr3D Parametric Beta page again. TestFlight doesn’t really like Beta links if a Beta build already exists for an app.

Before you Stop testing, make sure you have nothing valuable in your beta app :slight_smile:

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Köszi Dani!

Downloaded the correct version successfully and looking forward to playing with it :slightly_smiling_face:

Tried to download but it states "build removed’…

It seems like an old build. Please scroll to the bottom of this Page, hit “Stop Testing”. This will remove this old beta build and then go to the Beta download page again, and hit Download. It should work. Let us know if this helps

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