Beta Crashing, Help

Shapr3D Beta on iPad crashes when clicking on any design. Tried installing previous available builds in TestFlight, still no luck.

Connected to Mac and able to access 2D drawings but no Shapr format / 3D files.

Any advice?


Hello - which Beta are you in?

We have three currently running: Sync, Visualization and Release version.

Let us know and we can certainly solve it :slight_smile:

Version 5.15.0 (3279)


That is a Visualization Beta :slight_smile: Can you please try to export your files in an XT format?

If you can’t open it at all (as in it is not loading) please reach out at and we will come up with a solution

Unable to load designs.


We saw that in the meantime you have opened a support ticket. @KPeter_Shapr3D is on the case and will help you sort this out. Apologies for the trouble