Learning issues

I followed the inbuilt tutorial very well and now I moved in to the YouTube videos.

I’m having some trouble progressing because it appears not to work like shown.

Two examples:

  1. The Revolve for the lamp creation won’t accept 360 degrees.

  2. The paper Clip second smaller arc won’t draw. It either switches to drawing a straight line or inverts the arc to what it should be.

I’ve gone over things many times so don’t think it’s me that is the problem. I’m using an iPad and and an Apple Pencil in case there are known issues with that.


Are you having trouble with other tools as well? You might need to reload the app.
If you can, are you able to share a screenshot of your sketches/problems?

I think it would have to be a video it two to communicate the problem. Can I upload videos?
These are the main two problems I recall. I just gave up on it for a while as was getting too frustrated.

As a new user I don’t think you can upload videos yet, but maybe you can upload it to YouTube and send the link?

So when you try and make a revolve using a closed sketch, it just wont let you?

Strange thing is it does now…I just tried again.
I think the other problem I had with the paper clip was to do with the resolution of the grids and I kind of made that work now thanks.
So all good again for now. I will let you know when something else happens that I can understand. There has been a few other things but I really can’t recall them right now, those two were the last ones that I had when I decided to ask for help because it seemed like at least the 360 degree problem was a bug.

Don’t worry about it. Once you’ve used it for awhile, you’ll start to understand the actual limit for this program is just your imagination :slight_smile: (that and impossible geometries)

I would suggest keep learning from the tutorials like you have been, and check out the step-by-step ones that have voiceover. Like this one: 3D Modeling a Toddler Table & Bench Set | Shapr3D Step-by-Step - YouTube

Hi @Peterjfirth , now you should be able to upload videos.

OK will do thanks, and good to hear I can upload a video explanation now too, if needed. But all seems fine again. I will press on with learning more.