Revolve Stopped Working

What was once very reliable, has since become incredibly unreliable for me. Somehow, since 3.0 was released (and I have been on top of the updates - at 3.0.3), I am unable to create geometry that can revolve.

I have done a video, and have the project file. Although, I am not entirely sure how to get the Apple Pencil to show up in the video, so you can see where I am touching. Nevertheless, you can see that it is a closed object, with a linear edge.

Please Advise…


I don’t see the video.please try to upload it again

You can switch on the Pencil mode in your iPads Settings. Claas Kuhnen tutorial mode. See picture:image

Yes… I am having trouble; it is crashing QuickTime when I try to use tutorial mode. Also, I see no place to upload a file. Which, just may mean I can’t recognize it, not intimating that it’s absent.

Nevertheless, I’ve attached the dropbox link to this dialog box. It is the video, without the Claas Kuhnen tutorial mode.

Can you reupload the video? Or maybe to youtube as an unlisted video?

We can’t seem to view / open it.

Video from Dropbox

The problem is with tapping when you create a line. In general, when you are creating a line you don’t have to apply pressure on the screen, you just lift your Pencil up, and the line will be created with two control points

When you apply pressure (like in the video) you create splines, which you can’t use as a revolve axis.

Please create the closed sketch without tapping and creating simple lines.

Yes, sir, that precise situation is what is happening.

If we’re generating a knowledge base — that would be a great one to place in there. Another aside, because I also contacted Apple support; they acknowledge that the Apple Pencil will not lose connectivity, but your iPad will, in fact, lose sensitivity over time.

They are sending me a link to control the sensitivity of the Apple Pencil better on the 12 inch iPad Pro. When I get it, I will post the link… If you have the second-generation 12 inch iPad Pro, this is not an issue.

Thank you for the answer, and solving my issue!