Lettering advice

Hello !
I’m trying to make a stamp with my name for my ceramic creations.
But it’s really small. (8mm x 7mm)
Any advice on how to write in a scketch ?

Thank you :relaxed:

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Use the TextToDrawing app on the App Store.
It’s a workaround made by @Yepher

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Thank you ! I downloaded the app and it’s nice, but I really need my inscription to be longer and not larger. How can I do that ?

The text tool @Yepher developed works very well, and it’s quick and simple.

However, certain text and the way Shapr works makes it difficult to manipulate some letters.

A more in depth workaround with a lot of possibility for text manipulation is using Illustrator, then exporting the text/shapes as a DXF, and importing them into your project space.

You can use the project tool to scale a sketch on one axis:

  1. Create two sketches one above the other.

2.Put the text on the lower sketch and rotate it vertically to make text shorter in height, and longitudinally to make it narrower in width.

  1. Project the lower sketch to the upper.

Original text:

Scaled text:


That’s a clever idea. Some people think in 3D better than others.