How do I add text to my model?

I urgently need to add text function to the model.

Go to the App Store, download the app called TextToDrawing. Pay a few bucks. Then you can import and manipulate all the text you need.

Thanks McD.

There is only one comment about the TextToDrawing , which said the APP cannot be used.

Use Autodesk’s Sketchbook … it’s now free I believe.

Create your text, save your file to your Files. This will save as a .TIFF file

Go to TIFF to DXF (Online & Free) — Convertio

Select to file and convert DXF, bring into shaper and play.

Hope this is of use.

Thanks Lout.

I just used it now. It works fine.

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@McD Same. I use texttodrawing pretty regularly.