Text shapes



Could one of you maybe spend like a day tracing over different fonts and uploading the shapr file. This way we can add text to our models by importing then scale/copy/paste.

Or a native text tool within the app would be splendid


Hi! Text tool is on the roadmap, but not in our short-term plans.


Is there an update on the timescale for text support? Big must have for me.


Hi - still no ETA yet. Next updates will be sketching improvements.


Ok thanks Daniel


Rob did an excellent job on a font file and made it public. I have used it and am very grateful to him for sharing. It is something that I keep meaning to do but life gets in the way.
It is well worth checking out his efforts.


Nice effort, saved!


This is great thank you!


Works great, thank you.


Cool no worries

Any chance of an update to when we’ll see text added natively?