Linux and Android

Please let me know when you support the OS’ I use.

Hi @Ratteler , welcome to the Shapr3D community. Shapr3D currently runs on Windows, MacOS and iPadOS. We don’t plan to port it to Linux or Android anytime soon. Although I always wanted to try running Shapr3D on Wine. Have you tried it?

Not yet. Thanks for answering my snark.
I’m a former Lightwave 3D user, and now I’m on Linux because Windows 10 didn’t have OGL drivers foe my laptop that worked almost flawlessly under Win7 for years.

I loaded up several flavors of Linux and Blender, my #1 weapon of choice these days, worked flawlessly.
I used to Hackintosh also, but Apple decided to stop making computers computers, so… HATE. I’m not paying $8 grand for a glorified Raspberry Pi on steroids.
I saw a review on Sarpr from either Gamesfromscratch, or AskNK. It looked interesting. Sadly reviewers always forget to say what OS they work for. I had to come look at you website to find out.
…and this post was my protest. LOL.

Since you were nicer than I deserved, I really hope you reconsider Linux support at least. I assume you’re going to working on making it ARM native at some point to support Apple Silicon. That’s going to much more work than a port to Debian x64.
I’m far more likely to put out cash for something that works on my ecosystem than go back to ones that, bluntly, I feel betrayed by.

I’ve bought licences to several pieces of software that run on Linux. Most notably is FadeIn screenwriting software. I have that working on my Pi4 under Box86 and Wine, as well as all my PC’s.

Any way, that you for your kind response. I’ll be lurking. LOL.