Liquid cooled 3D printer head

Had issues with heat creep while printing so I decided to draw up and print the solution, Worked flawlessly!


Don’t you need a way to actually circulate the fluid? It seems to me that the fluid would just remain stagnant and heat up, particularly for long prints.

It depends on the type of liquid cooler. There are several ways. Some AIO has the pump integrated to the coldplate part, some puts it to the radiator. If it’s an open / custom loop, it can be part of the reservoir or even a completely separate part.

The hoses at the top connect to a small aquarium pump inside a small container with water in it. It in fact dropped the temp by approximately 44 degrees when no heat applied.

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Maybe the section view isn’t showing the fluid outlet. All I see are two fluid chambers that are apparently unconnected to each other and have no other apparent outlet.

The section isn’t showing here ya go

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