Loft doesn't work on this profiles

Why loft doesn’t work on these two identical profiles? Sharp3d v.25.142


Please select Tools / Loft, and in the tool the two faces, it should work. Let us know if it doesn’t.

I did select those two profile but loft command inactive…

We are aware that the Loft is missing from the Selection based menu, that’s why I suggested entering the Loft tool first, and then selecting the two faces :slight_smile:

Same result

I then draw others profiles on those two profiles, loft works, how do I know what wrong with those two profiles?

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Hi Gusriwandi!
Loft doesn’t work on profiles with openings.
Please try Loft with solid profiles and then use Shell tool to create the opening inside the body. :wink:

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Thank you, I export it to Fusion360., doesn’t work either, I think something wrong with profiles

@horvathdanielhd, @Gusriwandi

In some cases there might be geometry inside the model that would be affected by closing the body up before lofting and re-shelling.

In that case, I would do it this way instead…


@horvathdanielhd, @Gusriwandi

And here’s a quick and dirty method…

Creating a ‘notch’ allows lofting to be performed because there are no longer any openings in the profile. Simply close any gaps up after lofting.

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FYI, you can also delete gaps very easily, it’s a lot cleaner :wink:

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I had hoped to be able to delete the gap but I kept getting an error message:

“The face can’t be deleted because the resulting hole in the body can’t be filled”

In any case, the ‘quick and dirty’ method I used is a great cheat… right?

Here’s another solution.
Split the profile then loft, mirror, union…