Loft with guide curves is failing


Can anyone explain why this loft with guide curves is failing? (Operation failed because the resulting body wouldn’t be valid). The guide curves are both snapped to the upper and lower sketches purple points. Both upper and lower sketches are closed. The loft works without guide curves.

Can’t attach a video as I’m a new forum user.


Hi, to get assistance, please submit a support request on this link and include your workspace. Thank you!

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The problem is in your approach for sure. It’s very hard to say something from one picture. If you could share the project I would inspect it. For now I can show you the video where I make similar operations.

I’m sure it’s my approach, it’s just frustrating not knowing what the problem is. Thanks for the vid, that’s exactly how I did it, and regulary do. Except for all sketches being control splines in this case.

Been working with Shapr3D for a while and most loftings work. But some don’t. I’ll submit a support request and post back here with the solution :slight_smile:

The support team got back to me:

“Our developers took a look and identified the issue, they will be working on a fix.”

The workaround for now is to recreate the top sketch, which is a control point spline, into an elipse. This works for this particular case, but wont for others. Hoping on a quick fix.

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