Loft issue. Any Suggestions?

I can’t make loft to work properly? Any suggestions/workarounds? Am I missing something?

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Can you upload the .shapr file of your project?

Here is the .shapr file. Thank you.
Loft Issue.shapr (5.5 KB)

Guide curves should intersect with the cross-section curves at one single point. These points are regularly the intersection points that are marked with purple, just make sure to have coincident guide curves with those purple ones.

Hi @KPeter,

Thank you for the info.
Although I always make sure that they do, the loft tool doesn’t always generate the expected results.

Is this what you are trying to achieve?
As far as I can tell, the only guide curve that comes into play is the upper right curved one. The others don’t seem to matter and besides, they do not intersect with the oval curves properly in order for the loft to work- which is why it wasn’t working. My example used your sketches but in two separate Loft operations.

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Thank you @TigerMike This is exactly what I’m trying to achieve. I managed to do it by redrawing the everything using fit-splines instead of control-splines. I went for two separate loft operations as well.

Another Loft issue I just discovered. Preview works, when I hit done the Loft tool fails.

I tried to duplicate your issue. For me it works. I even extended one face a little bit longer and it still works. Can you upload your Shapr3D file with this loft issue?

For me works on both of beta, with equal planes