Losing my mind

Hi everyone I’m new to this program, not sure if I’m just being stupid. Trying to create this and have hit a dead end can anyone help?

What is it? Show us what you have done, so far…. Suggest that you experiment with “saddle” 3D shapes and the Subtract from a block for the final piece. Good luck!



This is a doable, but challenging first project. I’d suggest you start with this tutorial. 3D modeling a bicycle helmet on iPad in Shapr3D - YouTube
If I wanted to work on this in Shapr3D, I would have it scanned, then work off that model. There are a growing number of 3D scanning services all over.
Here is one for example. https://www.rapidscan3d.com/

It’s a hub cap cover, to be honest I’ve got nowhere, is saddle 3D part of shapr or different app altogether?

Draw 1/3. Then copy/rotate and then union. You can go with three ID hooks/ fasteners instead of four if you make them a bit wider