Loving the app but some very weird behavior is triggering me

Love the app so far. Tim currently using it to follow a Fusion360 tutorial and I haven’t run into any tools missing to replicate the workflow shown. All while laying in bed on my iPad, hats off to the devs. However I find myself getting triggered when doing certain actions. For instance when I select a face in perspective mode and switch to ortho I lose my selection which is very annoying. Or when I make a face selection and go to ortho to extrude it the program tells me the selection can’t be extruded, so I have to navigate back to the face select it start extruding THEN go to ortho to finish my extrusion. Another big issue I have is when rotating out of ortho mode, why isn’t the rotation pivot where my finger is? It rotates around a construction plane or image plane which throws off my fluidity. I have to keep panning back to where I was and it’s time consuming.

I would like to see an option to have my references photos show through the mesh so I don’t have to go into each body and change is opacity. Very tedious. Could add a quick option when the body is selected to change opacity or just make references change to body’s alpha value by existing in the scene

One last thing. We need the option to Make images non selectable. I’m a game art student who works off concepts and references. So my entire workspace is filled with images I have to tip toe around to make selections on my geometry. I don’t want to open my browser hide my images, close my browser select my face , open my browser again and unhide my references. I do this action so much I wish I could write a python button for it and I’ve only been using the app a few days so I know other have this issue but just ignore it. Not I this software will require a monthly payment and I expect excellence.

With all that said I do enjoy it just those things are ruining a could be perfect software.

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Ah, one of the things I find annoying is when you do a bevel and undo it the selection is lost and you need to select again. The selection system in Shapr is a bit wonky imo.

Some way to freeze objects to not be selectable in viewport would be nice, maybe an isolation mode too. So isolate an object and temporarily hide everything else.