Swapping Tools Losing selection


Whenever I have a selection that I want to scale and then move/rotate I lose the selection on swapping between the tools. I guess scaling and then moving is a common and very often used procedure. Then why does one have to select everything over and over again? Or is there a secret I do not know?

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When Sketching I do not ‘lose’ Selection provided the next Tool choice is being displayed.

When working with Bodies, there never seems to be an appropriate Tool choice displaying.
Taping anywhere other than on an appropriate tool loses Selection.

Given the rate of development this will probably improve over time.

This is my biggest issue with shapr, posted about before but didn’t get an answer.

It drives me nuts that I spend time selecting faces to do an operation, only to have to deselect all, reselect all the same faces to do another operation. It’s so frustrating. The adaptive UI really doesn’t work super well.

When Selecting and a misplaced Tap ‘loses’ a considerable Selection, it is possible to recover the loss by Tapping Undo [bottom left Menu]
That said it has not saved my efforts on every occasion that I have inaccurately Tapped.

Oh thankgod!, doing (deselect all > Undo) to regain the selection updates the UI! and you can do another operation!.. so you don’t have to reselect all faces over and over!,

Can this be used to fix the Adaptive UI issues @Istvan_CEO_Shapr3D?.

With that little deselect/undo you can finally string operations. But having to undo doesn’t make sense. Could we get the same result with the ui just updating the same way?.

General selection improvements are something that we consider super important, but did not fit into our roadmap in the shorter term. But it’s definitely something that we will improve over time.

Ok thanks for the update @Istvan_CEO_Shapr3D!

Thanks Istvan, but I do not understand why it is not considered very important. It is so annoying and time consuming to reselect tons of little details/bodies over and over again. I also do not understand why it should be such a big effort to tell a program to simple not deselect selected things upon changing tools, ect.?

But thank you anyway!

Can you describe in what situations would you like to see the selection preserved? What are the tools that you are switching between?

Hi Istvan,

yes, I can. If I could make a wish: In any situation! Losing a complex selection is way more annoying than tapping into free space to get rid of a selection, isn’t it? And isn’t that what we are all used to from other (design) tools? Take Illustrator for example: Selections remain until other objects are selected or an object is deselected by clicking into nirwana. I do understand that the first scenario is not possible as it is shaprs behaviour to then select another object, but deselecting by clicking into space (or hit the “deselect all” button) would also be applicable for selections.

For example I have a body/path selected, choose the transform tool and want to scale that same body/path with that same selection afterwards. But after having transformed it – boom there goes my selection … (In this case I have to “deselect all” to get to the Scale tool)

Another example: I have multiple edges of a body selected – and this can be a tedious task – and want to apply a chamfer/rounding. On a more complex body this tends to fail many times (which would be another topic for this forum) and Shapr tells me that the path is too complex, overlapping, ect. and that the operation can not be done and – boom there goes my selection … On retrying and of course selecting everything again and maybe choosing a lower value for the chamfer/rounding it works. BUT why do I have to lose my entire selection in between these two steps? Why can’t the program tell me that an operation did not work BUT PRESERVE the selection anyway so I can retry from where I started and do not get thrown back beyond the point where I started a time consuming complex selection?

Next situation I often run into: I accidentially selected the wrong tool. Upon swapping to the right tool – boom there goes my selction …

I hope I could make myself clear and I hope I get heard as shapr is such a cool app that makes so much fun to work with if only …

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I agree that in chained transform operatiosn, when the seleciton is not changing during the operation it would make sense. We decided to drop the selection after operations, more often than not it does not make sense to keep it and it confused our users on the usability tests. But I agree that it would make sense to keep it for chained transform operations.

I don’t fully understand the chamfer example though. When a chamfer fails, I believe we don’t drop the selection, do we?

The wrong tool selection is an interesting use case, we haven’t thought about that. Super useful feedback, thank you.