Mac - Switch between trackpad and mouse navigation

I’m using Shapr3D on a Mac Mini with keyboard and mouse.

At one point I was prompted to choose between trackpad navigation, and mouse based navigation. I think I picked trackpad by mistake.

Now trying to move around a model is very awkward. I can’t seem to orbit around the model, it only wants to spin on it’s axis. The smallest movement from the mouse causes the model to spin in wild directions.

I’d like to choose Trackpad vs Mouse again, but cannot find the option anywhere.

I tried out different options in the Preferences > View Navigation > Navigation Presets, but none seem much different or better.

How can I change my navigation mode?

That prompt only changes the tutorial and the hints we display, you should be able to switch between mouse & trackpad without any changes in any settings later on.

Could you please turn on the options in “Tutorial mode” in settings and record a short video of the issue? Also, the exact version of the Shapr3D app and the information from the “About This Mac” would be very useful.

I think I worked it out. I suspect I changed the View > Grid Position. Once I changed it back to XY, then movement seemed more natural.

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Thanks for investigating it further. It can indeed be somewhat disorienting when the grid position is not aligned with the natural orientation of the object you’re working with.