Snap to orientation - irritation

Hi all,

I rather like Shapr3D, but one “feature” bugs me.

Can anyone help with this one - maybe I’m just doing something daft… :wink:

Sometimes I orient the model to exactly the view I need to access some geometry, and Shapr automatically snaps to the nearest main view (e.g. Back, Front, Top, Left etc).

  • I think it’s trying to be helpful, but unfortunately it’s doing the opposite for me. :wink:

Is there any way to turn this unwanted default behaviour off ?

(if I need an exact orientation, I only need to click a face on the orientation cube)

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Are you using the little 3D cube icon to orientate your model?

yes, exactly

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I could use 2 fingers and shift on the Mac - Not how to do on the iPad though

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Ok, when you use the 3D cube it tends to ‘snap’ to the nearest default view as it approaches that view.

You will need to use the other methods to orientate your model and it all depends on what device you’re using.

Thanks for the advice, looks like the 2 finger and shift on Mac doesn’t snap :slight_smile: - I’m using either Mac (M1) or iPad Pro.

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On MacBook: Two Fingers pans the model while SHIFT + Two Fingers rotates the model.

On iPad: Two Fingers pans the model while One Finger rotates the model.

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Cool - Thanks, problem solved !