Magic Mouse

Are there any Magic Mouse users here? I’m thinking of getting a Magic Mouse because when using my Logitech mouse when I go to pan by clicking and holding the scroll wheel, if it slightly turns before I click then I can’t pan. I find myself constantly retrying to click to pan. So my question is, do you have to hold any keyboard keys down to pan or can you pan, orbit and zoom straight from the Magic mouse? I don’t like having to constantly hold down a button on the keyboard to perform what the mouse is capable of doing?

Hello Dino12,

Yes, using a magic mouse, for about a year now. I set it up with the Fusion 360 navigation presets. So, using keyboard keys.

About six months ago I bought a SpaceMouse compact. Thats made a dramatic change to handling navigation. Still working on my initial project of trying to “fly through & record”.

My 2¢ worth.

You can have a look at Elecom EX-G, programmable buttons. Since I have started to use it for SketchUp about 10 years ago, I never touched a normal mouse, even for office work.