Left-hand mouse user & zoom

I’m just trying out the Mac beta, love the option to work at my iMac!

I got the impression from the tutorial that scrolling with the mouse surface (I’m using a Magic Mouse) would zoom - but I’ve found that I have to be holding the Control key down to get that function. Scrolling with the mouse surface without holding the Control key results in panning. That’s OK by me, just a little unclear in the tutorial video.

However, because I use the mouse in my left hand, and I’m using the Apple wireless keyboard that came with my iMac, I only have a Control key on the left side of the keyboard - which makes holding the Control key while manipulating the mouse awkward. Any chance you can make this a configurable option, so I can pick a different key to enable zoom with scroll?


This is something I’m also interested in. I have tried Multitouch.app, the only really functional Magic Mouse remapping app, but it doesn’t allow control, shift, option or command keys to be used in a several way, only with key combos. And scroll wheel mapping isn’t there at all.

It might be of use to you in other ways though if you haven’t already found it.

A repeated request - please make rotation just right mouse (no modifiers) and pan right mouse with the modifier.

Please reverse the zoom direction, or at least make it selectable. For many, swiping back on the virtual middle mouse on a Magic Mouse should make things smaller, farther away, like unscrewing a screw or pulling back on a yoke.

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The scroll direction depends on the OS settings (Mouse/Scroll direction: Natural). If it’s on, it behaves the way you described.

Can you please separate and make it a selectable setting? I never use “natural” scroll as its a recent addition by Apple (i.e. only 10 years old).

Yes, please!