Make your own easy structure in history

I am a big fan of Shapr3d and am aware that this subject already is being discussed. Also really do not know how complicated your software structure is but would it be an easy idea if you just make it possible to add a very simple add-on title in the history where you can enter your own title. Without any relation to what’s below it or related to it. Just an easy text possibillity for the user (and also their responsibility) to make some titles in the structure. Maybe you are thinking to complicated… but now it’s sometimes to hard to find out the history related to the design.


If you select a body, the history is automatically filtered down to the related features.
Using Folders in the Items panel you can also group bodies together, which might not have been made after eachother on the history side. In that case, when you select a folder, all the related steps are shown for both bodies.

What you suggest is not out of question, just might not be necessary in most cases.

Hi Laci,
Oke thanks, I will study on your suggestion.

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