Combined Items & history list?

This might be a weird one, but I wonder if the Sharp folks considered or even tried a version with (some of) the history items included in the Items list??

There seem to be a great overlap in the information.
Sketch (shown in both)
Bodies has a one-to-one match to the Extrude/sweep/loft etc.

Would be nice with an option to select “Combined Items list” or “Expert Items list” or something.
And then show: [Body 01 - Extrude 01] and give it the > icon to open details. And have Fillets and Chamfers unfold underneath the body they belong to.

This would allow us to be most work with just the items list open and only have to open history to suppress or rearrange the order.
Macbooks/laptops and especially iPads, don’t have the screen real estate to keep both lists open, so you end up doing a lot of opening and closing of the lists…
Especially since the History list is fixed with. Would help a little, if it was sizeable, like the Items list,